Rebate [noun]

Definition of Rebate:

refund given to purchaser

Synonyms of Rebate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebate:

Sentence/Example of Rebate:

They closed with a rebate in the jambs and against the raised threshold.

When I went to get my rebate I was offered one pound eleven shillings.

Tell Hankins to draw a check for the rebate in full and bring it in to me.

If you want to make your policy 182 unassailable, you must refund that rebate.

If he is, he becomes entitled to a rebate of this amount on his subsequent purchases.

If I were you, I shouldn't apply for total exemption, but for a rebate.

I'm going to pay you twenty-five thousand, and you rebate me fifteen of it.

You know what the rebate is, and you can imagine the part which that plays.

He had been very clear in his mind when that letter came from Euphemia Smith that he would not now make any rebate.

Then well thresh out the letters and the rebate question, if I have the cross-examining of you.