Reimbursement [noun]

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The pharmacy used to be able to purchase 100 15-milligram tablets of oxycodone for $15, but that’s now $70, she said, and the pharmacy is reimbursed only about $21 by insurers.

Carroll has introduced a bill in the New York State Legislature that would force insurance companies to reimburse businesses for pandemic-related losses even if their policies specifically excluded a viral pandemic.

Weaving a story about a complex intelligence operation, Courtney convinced an investment firm to pay Blue Canopy with the understanding the money would be reimbursed, according to a civil lawsuit filed by the company that financed the deal.

State police officials told reporters that they looked for a “nexus” between their purchases and the pandemic in case agency spending could be reimbursed with federal money.

The Google Guarantee offers to reimburse consumers who used LSAs but ultimately weren’t satisfied with the quality of work performed — after attempting to resolve the problem with the service provider.

It should reimburse people who paid fines and it should cancel existing fines.