Enlargement [noun]

Definition of Enlargement:

increase, expansion

Synonyms of Enlargement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlargement:

Sentence/Example of Enlargement:

This crayon "enlargement" presented John with very black skin and spotless white hair.

It was an enlargement of the previous charter, making the colony independent of any other province.

The enlargement or persistence of the thymus can be better recognised, and doctors now seldom fail to notice it.

A similar enlargement of the sphere of the Poor Law institution has, of late years, been going on in other than infectious cases.

A revival of trade, rapid increase of population and enlargement of the boundaries of the city followed.

In the first of the following quotations, Cardinal Newman is showing that simply to acquire is not true mental enlargement.

As the existence of O has been proved, it is more natural to assume that the enlargement had already been inserted there.

What enlargement will be required in number of persons employed must be left to the future.

This enlarged place of worship has again become too small, and its further enlargement is a pressing problem.

The pastor of the church began to work earnestly for a reconstruction of the roof, with an enlargement of the audience room.