Lessening [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lessening:

The vaccine, which requires two shots spaced a month apart, may also lessen severity of the disease.

It is less clear whether masks — by potentially stanching some, but not all, incoming viral particles — might also lessen the severity of illness.

In other words, a high level of skill didn’t lessen the noise distraction.

NBCUniversal’s Peacock is now live on RokuThese moves by streaming services ultimately hurt Roku customers, so the option to stream content from a supported device, like an iPhone, would help lessen the blow.

Organic foods are more nutritious, having more antioxidants, and people with food allergies find their symptoms lessen if they eat only organic foods.

The Nittany Lions scored the final two touchdowns to lessen their margin of defeat.

Thousands will make their way into the game, and others won’t let the pandemic lessen their desire to be nearby, even if they can’t watch from the stands.

Sharma expects the government will try to preserve mining jobs by retrofitting coal-fired power plants with carbon capture and storage technology, which lessens the amount of waste carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere.

There is some good data that shows zinc can lessen the severity of the common cold if taken as soon as a person notices cold-like symptoms.

If you are the smallest guy on the rung, there is very little you can do to lessen your taxes.