Moderating [verb]

Definition of Moderating:

restrain, control

Synonyms of Moderating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moderating:

Sentence/Example of Moderating:

But it kept ON moderating, and in a precious little while it was 'most too moderate.

The darkness of night came on, and instead of moderating, the gale increased.

I told him that we had cleared away the wreck of the masts, and that the weather was moderating.

Her influence was on the whole a moderating and prudent force.

I had not yet furnished it with the means of stopping or moderating its motion.

She is a favourable stimulant and, at the same time, a moderating element.

It is only the moderating influence of others which restrains them.

"Sign, my dear," he repeated softly, moderating his impatience.

It would have had more effect in moderating Southern excitement.

And you have not the power of moderating them in it, when you have done.