Subside [verb]

Definition of Subside:

die down; decrease; settle down; descend; grow quiet

Synonyms of Subside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subside:

Sentence/Example of Subside:

Here the Colonel paused to wait for the shouting and the hat-throwing to subside.

Nevertheless, the excitement created by the draft did not subside at once.

But for all that his exaltation did not subside, but assumed a higher pitch.

My brother has money of his own, enough to subside on comf'tably, if he wanted to do it.

She waited motionless, till his passion should subside, still holding his hands.

"I got another, so you just subside a lot," commanded Alfred, recocking his six-shooter.

"Just tell her to subside, a la Leslie Cairns," suggested Helen.

No sooner had he said this to himself than the storm began to subside.

The tidal wave of progress, once repulsed, is not likely to subside forever.

Again the parson's eye gleamed and this time did not subside.