Slacken [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slacken:

Nor did she slacken her pace as she drew near the house, she only ran more softly.

The storm continued all day, but began to slacken in intensity at sunset.

Her death did not weaken my resolutions nor slacken my ardour.

The yachtsman, however, should not slacken them as for scudding.

Nor had the horses any desire to slacken their headlong rush.

Plainly he wished the two riders to pass on, but he did not slacken his speed for a moment.

You must put your stick deep into the snow to slacken the speed and guide your sleigh.

Failing this, it should at least slacken the pace of its work and shorten its working day.

We were gaining on him still, and the heat of the day made him slacken his pace.

Then they are wedged tightly into the holes so that they cannot slacken.