Relax [verb]

Definition of Relax:

be or feel at ease

Opposite/Antonyms of Relax:

Sentence/Example of Relax:

There was a clutch on her throat just then, which would not relax at the call of her will.

Whatever others might do he must not allow himself to relax so much.

It has however served to weaken her prepossessions, and relax the chains of her attachment.

He had told us to relax—but to do anything else would have been impossible.

Alone in the control compartment, he tried to relax, but it was not possible.

Her struggles were grown so frantic that I was forced to relax my grip.

John Slaughter allowed his tight lips to relax in a grim smile.

Compress and relax the skin repeatedly while immersed in both these baths.

The birdlike features which had begun to relax hardened once more.

A wisp of her hair caressed his right ear, but somehow did not relax his temper.