Unwind [verb]

Definition of Unwind:

undo, untangle

Synonyms of Unwind:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwind:

Sentence/Example of Unwind:

He began to unwind his long scarf while she placed a seat for him.

Then Mukna's head began to droop and droop; and his trunk began to unwind.

We want to have you take us to the North Pole and unwind about six years.

"Perhaps this will do," he thought, and hurriedly proceeded to unwind it.

Her argument, however, does not concern this history, which has too many other threads to unwind.

Count Medole, you cannot wind and unwind a conspiracy like a watch.

How could a fellow take miles of cotton in his pocket to unwind!

When they have been removed, the main-spring will unwind rapidly.

You just have to learn how to unwind yards and yards of Red Tape.

My coffee I start as she begins to unwind her curls from their steel cages.