Uncoil [verb]

Definition of Uncoil:

open or fan out

Synonyms of Uncoil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncoil:

Sentence/Example of Uncoil:

Diane blushed, but put up a hand and began to uncoil the tresses.

One of the Indians on horseback began to uncoil his rawhide saddle-rope.

This made it uncoil its tail; then he followed up the attack by a second blow.

At times he makes me feel as if he was a snake ready to uncoil and strike.

He then commences to uncoil himself and straighten himself out.

The brief interval had given Avon time in which to uncoil his rope.

The serpents around the witch's hat began to writhe and uncoil.

The keepers fetched me, and I at once attempted to uncoil them.

His pigtail came unfastened and began to uncoil, slowly, like a snake.

Some uncoil the shell, and seem to be returning toward the primitive type.