Radiate [verb]

Definition of Radiate:

give off; scatter

Synonyms of Radiate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Radiate:









Sentence/Example of Radiate:

There was nothing the matter, only he had not yet learned to radiate.

He just seems to radiate good will, and friendliness, and optimism wherever he goes.

The capacity of bodies to radiate and to absorb differ considerably.

There are three streets that radiate from it directly through the heart of the town.

Yet everything about him seemed to be made up of kindness—to radiate comfort.

He seemed to radiate an atmosphere which suffused her being.

You notice that the rows all radiate from the centre, like spokes in a wheel.

They radiate from the surface of the skin and reproduce a simulacrum, as it were, of the surface.

In fact, he seemed to radiate a curiously apprehensive aura.

Old fashioned, too, she was; but ante-bellum glory did not radiate from her as it did from the major.