Propagate [verb]

Definition of Propagate:

breed, reproduce

Synonyms of Propagate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propagate:

Sentence/Example of Propagate:

But they have come into existence, and they propagate their wretched race.

The variety is difficult to propagate and, therefore, not in favor with nurserymen.

Why then not propagate the system of these happy districts in Ireland?

What right have they to propagate the rottenness of their minds and bodies?

In his selection he must have a certain model in his eye, such as he wishes to propagate.

If they could propagate their own they would be more likely to plant them.

Did England conquer India in order to propagate the Christian gospel?

They propagate by means of running rootstocks as well as by seeds.

Propagate: to cause plants or animals to increase in number.

Only a few of those annually born can live to propagate their kind.