Originate [verb]

Definition of Originate:

begin; spring

Synonyms of Originate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Originate:

Sentence/Example of Originate:

This was a moment of exquisite satisfaction; but whence did it originate?

Such whims are only impressive as we originate them, I think; they are not to be communicated.

By whom were they exhibited, or with whom did they originate?

Inflammations of the body come from burnings and inflamings, and all of them originate in bile.

But from what quarter is this universal empire in Europe to originate?

One often detects an article which genius alone could originate and produce.

His disgust for them did not, indeed, originate with himself.

They bear not the impress of the age in which they originate, and will not wear out with it.

It did not originate with him, and his wife is altogether out of the picture.

If He originates all, he must originate evil as well as good.