Dawn [noun]

Definition of Dawn:

beginning of day

Synonyms of Dawn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dawn:

Sentence/Example of Dawn:

When the voice assistant was released six years ago, it represented the dawn of a new kind of relationship with personal technology.

Once worn by most women in indigenous communities across the region, these “111” tattoos had all but vanished by the dawn of the millennium like many local symbols and traditions, thanks to centuries of cultural extermination.

“We are witnessing the dawn of a new age,” HP CEO Enrique Lores said at the company’s Reinvent conference this year.

The paper shows that by fully exploring the potential of chemicals that could plausibly have existed at the dawn of life, “you can uncover things that would not have been obvious if you had this narrow view of what you think should have occurred.”

It took workers until shortly before dawn the next day to retrieve Taylor’s body.

The only major effort to explore Ceres up close was NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, which traveled to Ceres in 2015.

Things looked anxious for a bit, but by this morning's dawn all are dug in, cool, confident.

Will it ever dawn on Mrs. Dodd's mind, that parsons, even married parsons, are but men?

A certain light was beginning to dawn dimly within her,—the light which, showing the way, forbids it.

From dawn to breakfast time all hands busy slinging shells—modern war sinews—piles of them—aboard.