Sundown [noun]

Definition of Sundown:


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Sentence/Example of Sundown:

We camped at sundown on a grassy rise, without water for our horses.

We sighted the range and hill seen by my brother, and reached it at sundown.

By sundown we had reached the chef-lieu of the Aveyron; we were in the South indeed!

At sundown of the second day he began to complain of the irksomeness of his bonds.

About sundown the doctor came back and dressed their wounds.

About sundown he took in his decoy Hen, as Owls were abundant, and went back to his camp.

There was a sail about ten miles to the east-nor'-east at sundown.

At sundown work stops and supper is eaten, the menu being as at breakfast.

Remember, however, that we close the gates of the park at sundown.

Sometimes all of the boys went, at sundown, and filled the pool with their splashings.