Dusk [noun]

Definition of Dusk:

early evening

Synonyms of Dusk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dusk:

Sentence/Example of Dusk:

The civil dusk of an old year and era merges and moves through night into the civil dawn of a new one.

At dusk Thursday, the Lincoln Memorial was alive with a steady hum of joggers, tourists and locals seeking a place of quiet reflection.

Hovering in the dusk of competency, Antara’s mother still manages to live alone, but increasingly she wanders, forgets where she is and what she’s doing.

The handkerchief glimmered on the counter, more white than anything else in that grey dusk.

"I shall like it," answered Hugh, glad that his face should be hidden by the dusk, in these moments of waiting.

His chin, thrust slightly forward in a manner almost aggressive, showed the dusk of close-shaven hair.

And she thanked Heaven that in the dusk and in the shadow where she stood he could but ill make out her face.

The revelation was made soon after tea, when she sidled close up to him as they paced slowly along the sea-front in the dusk.

Again he accompanied her back to her home; and it was after dusk when they reached the little "pigeon-house."

At dusk he left off, saying he should get it done at night, his senses would come then, and he should be glad to sit up.