Sunset [noun]

Definition of Sunset:

fall of sun below horizon

Synonyms of Sunset:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunset:

Sentence/Example of Sunset:

At sunset he would have stopped for the day, camping on the spot.

At sunset the thermometer was at 50°, and at midnight at 30°.

We reached the camp at sunset, after a day's ride of about 40 miles.

It was about sunset, and the family were at their frugal meal.

The mountain in the sunset had stopped the five couriers in a conversation.

The fir-trees and bars of sunset made a glorious gate before them.

She was terrible as an army with banners; fair as the sea or the sunset.

The camp turns out to see the sunset and enjoy the twilight.

I am a man that is at hard labour of one kind or another from sunrise to sunset.

The place to which he was bound was some miles distant, and it was sunset when he returned.