Daybreak [noun]

Definition of Daybreak:

beginning of light hours

Synonyms of Daybreak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daybreak:

Sentence/Example of Daybreak:

Before daybreak we had ridden five and twenty miles, but had been compelled to abandon two more guns.

Just a little before daybreak they were all wakened by the bellowing of the oxen and the barking of dogs.

Assuredly, this was an occasion when the sacrifice of a few minutes might avoid the grave risk of a breakdown after daybreak.

We embarked on the evening of the 28th of June, and weighed anchor before daybreak of the 29th.

We were on horse an hour before daybreak, and the cannonade still continued heavy.

At daybreak we steered in for the land but ran twenty-two miles before it was seen.

At daybreak, Havelock sent Colonel Tytler, with the eighteen volunteer horse, to reconnoiter.

At daybreak Frederick cautiously made his escape through his bedroom window and hastened to the place of rendezvous.

At daybreak we arrived at La Chtre, but instead of entering the village we went by across-road to a lonely house.

At daybreak it commenced to move, guarded by a brigade of infantry and two hundred and fifty cavalry.