Ending [noun]

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It was a flat ending to a nine-play, 70-yard drive, during which Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady hit wide receiver Mike Evans for 31 yards.

The extended cut was originally released after BioWare faced backlash for the controversy surrounding the game’s endings, which players felt did not reflect their in-game choices up until that point.

As I sat for hour after hour, trying to put words to these experiences, I struggled with the fact that there was no ending.

While there is much to enjoy in “The Rib King,” the ending goes off the rails a bit, with too many minor characters and plot points introduced too swiftly.

The ending was particularly painful, but the ride was electric.

Since the coordinates of the starting point are both 0 and the coordinates of the ending point are both even, the coordinates of our midpoint are both integers.

Urbexers don’t like to spoil the ending, or make it too easy for crowds to spoil the site itself, and generally leave what they discover as a mystery for others to keep solving.

Some of those cells on the surface of the suckers had endings that branched out like a tree.

Perhaps that violent ending might be put on hold for a few more years.

Nevertheless, the ending, the soundtrack, and Joan Cusack make this film worth watching over and over and over again.