Initiation [noun]

Definition of Initiation:

start, introduction

Synonyms of Initiation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Initiation:

Sentence/Example of Initiation:

In September 1993, the FBI sent a safety alert to the Chicago police department warning of a rumored “new and murderous initiation ritual” for the city’s most notorious street gang.

This funding extension will further facilitate the development of our payment initiation services across Europe, while continuing to deliver new data-products built on open banking technology to our customers.

The initiation is the first among firms tracked by Bloomberg since shares started trading last week.

These ads are built directly into the video stream, or on-demand videos, and they last for five to 15 seconds after initiation.

It was their first venture into this part of the world, and they found the initiation fascinating.

His account of this initiation turns upon two or three points which do not appear in the synopsis of the sixth chapter.

But the peace of Schnbrunn marked the initiation of a policy which dissolved the peace of Tilsit.

The initiation fees of this society are rather extravagant, and the proceeds are devoted principally to the purchase of the bean.

This initiation ceremony, by the way, is of a very extraordinary character.

Moreover, I was appointed to it without having to undergo the painful ceremonies that initiation entails.