Conclusion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conclusion:

The conclusions were drawn by the majority staff under committee Chairman Peter DeFazio.

It has been a difficult journey for her, but fortunately it has a happy conclusion.

The real conclusion, yet again, is that getting the most bang out of your altitude buck is complicated and highly individual.

Westlake has disputed the conclusions and details of a legislative report that corroborated three women’s complaints that he made unwanted sexual advances.

Local research into police stops has reached similar conclusions.

The responses she received— one of which was a Vogue feature—led her to the conclusion she couldn’t stop at just one piece.

Having come to the conclusion that the political system operated more like a traditional industry than a public institution, Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter set down their ideas in a Harvard Business School report.

Lightstorm had drawn their own conclusions, while Ubisoft had come to others.

“Motivated reasoning” is what social scientists call the process of deciding what evidence to accept based on the conclusion one prefers.

And the others, not knowing that he had that day repented, sat at their distance and tried to form no conclusion.