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However, Johnson noted that further research has shown that the same concept works equally well on natural gas and ammonia.

Vertical farming, a concept that has gained momentum in some Western markets, is still very new in India.

The company also wanted to propose a voice app idea to the audience and understand how they felt about the emerging technology concept.

The point of the Scottish experiment was to see if the concept was “logistically, environmentally and economically practical.”

“The Nikola One was an incredibly successful proof of concept,” the company said Monday.

The AI community should, indeed, agree on a set of international definitions and concepts for ethical AI.

We looked at this weird-looking concept a couple of times in 2019.

Call them what you will—show bikes, concept bikes, future bikes, whatever—they’ve been around for a long time.

The contracts are for the companies to deliver information to the Air Force about supersonic executive transport concepts.

While you may identify days when you feel good and bad, the whole concept of employing specific strategies for high-hormone versus low-hormone phases doesn’t apply.