Approach [noun]

Definition of Approach:

way, means of arriving

Synonyms of Approach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approach:

Sentence/Example of Approach:

So, not in the immediate term, but if you think about how much money we’re spending, it’s completely appropriate.

We need to have a really frank public discussion about what we think of appropriate trade-offs.

He warned that hospitalizations and deaths are an indicator that tends to lag an increase in new cases, and argued that pointing to those numbers to justify keeping businesses opened isn’t appropriate.

Establish and follow appropriate data retention and deletion policies for each type of sensitive data.

At the start of the pandemic, businesses within cities were focused on getting their employees working remotely and securely, with access to the appropriate tools.

In truth, it was so intently engaged with a sleeping seal that it had not observed the approach of the sledge.

Gaze not upon another man's wife, and be not inquisitive after his handmaid, and approach not her bed.

There seemed the flavour of some strange authority in her that baffled all approach to the former intimacy.

He that adoreth God with joy, shall be accepted, and his prayer shall approach even to the clouds.

Perhaps the nearest approach to a pure æsthetic enjoyment in these early days is the love of flowers.