Gate [noun]

Definition of Gate:

movable barrier at entrance

Synonyms of Gate:

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Sentence/Example of Gate:

Healthe concedes its entry gate may not be as critical as its 222 nm products focused on air decontamination, but says it a valuable part of its layered approach to disinfection.

One of the first major tech companies out of the gate with a questionably useful product is LG.

A transistor is “on” when the gate allows current to flow, and it’s off when no current flows.

FinFET maintained fine control of current by surrounding the channel with a gate on three sides.

If women’s soccer became popular and could attract those kinds of gates, that would take away from the men’s professional team.

According to the text –These mines are mostly installed at frontier gates and passes.

Yet he feared to meet her eyes, and was glad of a saluting sepoy who swaggered jauntily past the open gate.

At once the sepoys at the Kashmir Gate fired a volley at the nearest officers, of whom three fell dead.

First through the gate came a company of Korean foot-soldiers, in blue uniforms.

Bride and bridegroom, accompanied by the weeping crowd, proceeded to the castle gate.