Port [noun]

Definition of Port:

place for boat docking, traffic, and storage

Synonyms of Port:

Opposite/Antonyms of Port:


Sentence/Example of Port:

He may perhaps be on the eve of starting away by some of the vessels in the port.

The decadence of Narbonne as a port is due to natural causes.

I was ashore every day while the squadron remained in the port.

The two brigs had gone, but there was still a considerable French force in port.

This vessel belonged to Charleston, and it was intended she should return to her own port.

A beautiful American-built brig, was lying in port, bound to Africa, for slaves.

The Foster was bound to Belfast, which port we reached without any accident.

After watering we sailed again, and reached our port in due time.

We got out without any accident, going into port of a Sunday morning.

Nelson was informed that he could not be permitted to enter the port of St Pietro.