Landing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Landing:

Meanwhile social media titan Facebook, which would have been a natural landing spot for TikTok, has to sit on the sidelines.

On the basis of that premise, thought was given to increasing SERP visibility by growing the volume of landing pages.

This includes the landing site for the NASA Perseverance rover arriving next February at the Jezero Crater, and that mission could possibly make some room to look for this sort of evidence.

This work may entail translating keywords, ad copy, and landing page copy into another language.

What we discovered was that the most important factors that were correlated with top rankings were high Domain Authority and long-form landing page content.

Lastly, if you display or link to related content on your site, consumers can click on another landing page from your site for more information, rather than looking elsewhere.

On top of your bio and landing page, Instagram lets you put forth links in every Instagram story you post.

Conducting market research is essential for your landing page.

Look at whether your top landing pages are changing, whether your conversion rates are shifting or the lead sources are different.

There is a limit to what you can include on the product’s page, so people who want to know more about the policy can visit the landing page.