Jetty [noun]

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The bulk of recreational diving for Florida lobsters is done in the Florida Keys, where spiny lobsters are found under small rocky shelves, near reefs, and around jetties.

It also authorised the construction and maintenance, as p. 150part of such railways, of any pier, quay or jetty.

The half-dozen serviceable boats were gathered a couple of hundred yards away about a short wooden jetty.

The tide was creaming over the short thumb of a jetty, and the herd of small black cows was patrolling the beach.

The boats by the short thumb of a jetty had not been used for a week, and lay high up the beach.

Not only has this town no fort, but it has not even a jetty.

Late that night I stood with Margaret on the end of a jetty in a little fishing village on the Cumberland coast.

His hair, once jetty black, now hung in heavy clotted locks on his shoulders.

Sargon nodded, and his white teeth gleamed between the curls of his jetty beard.

A jetty built later withstood the sea better than its more ambitious predecessors had done.