Door [noun]

Definition of Door:

entrance to room, building

Synonyms of Door:

Opposite/Antonyms of Door:

Sentence/Example of Door:

No one rushes us out the door, but I’m aware the clock is ticking as I push away from the table and prepare to leave what’s been a delightful evening out.

Although social media allows us to easily unfriend or unfollow someone, closing the door “on a human relationship that has had some closeness at one point in time” isn’t as simple in real life, Boss said.

Thanks to some specific, well-used gear, I usually make it out the door.

One was arrested after he allegedly pulled his sister’s door off its hinges so he could attack her.

So we had to come to this understanding and agreement that if dance can get a foot in the door with a style the IOC wants, then maybe the other dances aren’t as far behind as we feared.

It was time for that door to be knocked down and allow them because they’ve been putting in time, and they’re very, very qualified.

She came home to the apartment she had been living in since 2014 in to find an eviction notice on the door in May 2019.

Eventually, the unmasked person gives up, and I open the door myself.

The guy at the top laid out in public exactly what his team had been telling them behind closed doors.

To the extent that schools were willing to throw their doors open, students came back for the most part.