Postern [adjective]

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I considered your coachman to be a faithful man, and I told him to wait for you at the postern.

He knocked, and presently the postern gaped, and a lantern was advanced.

As each man did so he had to retire by a postern leading to the sea.

Cowper assumes a second postern, but there is no evidence for this, and l. 139 ff.

If I do but send them a message they will surely come to the postern gate.

Astonishment robbed me of breath as he threw open the postern.

"That road leads to the postern gate at the top of the hill," she added.

I was peering through the slit in the postern, not twenty feet away.

After they had passed the postern, Honey-Bee again asked where they were going.

This postern was re-edified by William Hampton, fishmonger, mayor, in the year 1472.