Rear [adjective]

Definition of Rear:

back, end

Synonyms of Rear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rear:

Sentence/Example of Rear:

Two field pieces were disposed in the front and two in the rear line.

Better to strike the rear guard than to feather a shaft in the earth.

At the rear of the house she shook off his arm and preceded him around the building.

So that their bodies might rear up, and no man resist their attack.

One of these should take his position in the rear of the machine, and one at each end.

The same holds good as to minor front or rear displacements.

She had lost a mother who was fine enough to rear Marian to what she is.

There are usually 12 of these, six on the front edge, and six on the rear.

The rear vertical rudder is manipulated by means of a foot lever.

Gliders as a rule have only one rudder, and this is in the rear.