Last [adjective]

Definition of Last:

final; newest

Opposite/Antonyms of Last:

Sentence/Example of Last:

Among the Perpendicular additions to the church last named may be noted a very beautiful oaken rood-screen.

It seems very strange that I shall actually know Liszt at last, after hearing of him so many years.

The strains of the syren at last woke her uncle, and brought back Miss Hood, who suggested that it was late.

Dick was at the wharf, one day last week, when one of the up river boats arrived.

At last there appeared some probability of their accomplishing this, after a most curious and truly Mexican fashion.

In the close relation and affection of these last days, the sense of alienation and antagonism faded from both their hearts.

The last-named building remained in the possession of the Unitarians until 1861, when it was sold to the Roman Catholics.

Last night I saw Jean Baptiste lying prone upon the floor, and knew that she had beaten him down to it, and he had not resisted.

Fortunately, the last crash had been passed without dislocating the parts of either sledge or rider.

The remaining one struggled for another half-minute, and flared up in one last, desperate effort.