Crowning [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crowning:

Joe Montana took Kansas City to the playoffs but fell short of a crowning moment.

Hubert, archbishop of Canterbury, made lord chancellor in consideration of his services in crowning king John.

It may be an idle fancy, but if that string is not a woven strand from some womans crowning glory, then I have no discernment.

And also the great preparation for the King's crowning is now much thought upon and talked of.

That crowning distinction seems to have been reserved for the age of Anne and the first sovereigns of the house of Brunswick.

No modern writer has written more enthusiastically of what he considers the crowning excellence of the Greek philosophy.

He pointed toward a distant estate, with great chimneys and gables, crowning a hill.

It seemed, indeed, as though nothing could save him now from this crowning humiliation.

Crowning the city rose the citadel, high above the proudest domes with its sheer brown rock.

And as Bowden made no answer, he put out his foot in a crowning insult and stirred the abject body.