Sovereign [adjective]

Definition of Sovereign:

dominant, effective

Opposite/Antonyms of Sovereign:

Sentence/Example of Sovereign:

On the invasion of William, as we have seen, it was in the possession of Edwin, sovereign of Deira.

"Be sovereign of Greece, and then enjoy ourselves," said the king.

What is left for the sovereign power to decide on, if this right be denied him?

Rumi-naui himself enters and receives the thanks of his sovereign.

It was quite like being received by a sovereign, Decatur imagined.

And casting about for an excuse, he grasped at the most sovereign solace he knew of.

His master selected a sovereign from his purse and handed it to the servant.

The sovereign of the last possessions of the Moors is in the field.

Vard threw back his head and swept the studio with a sovereign eye.

He felt in her the breath of universal desire—a sovereign flame.