Subservient [adjective]

Definition of Subservient:

extremely compliant

Synonyms of Subservient:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subservient:

Sentence/Example of Subservient:

We must separate the fanciful from the real, or at least make the one subservient to the other.

I loved him so that I could crush every other feeling down, subservient to my passion.

Marta by the trembling, subservient Archbishop of his creation.

Surely the stomach should be subservient to the mind; but it isn't.

Politics are no métier for a woman, or they should be subservient to something else.

He is supreme; there is none like him, and the spirits are subservient to his will.

I will be subservient to thy greatness, I will exalt thy divinity.

It will be subservient to the law of literature, which formerly received the law from it.

The lawyers had been subservient beyond all other classes to the Crown.

The senate, in a word, though slavish and subservient, is not friendly.