Menial [adjective]

Definition of Menial:

lowly, low-status

Synonyms of Menial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Menial:

Sentence/Example of Menial:

They may be had tied in bundles by the employers of menial labor.

He is going to work, to be a menial, to earn a living by honest means?

He was doorkeeper to the household, so he began on the duties of his menial position.

And there were other things, and worse,—menial services of the lowest kind.

Many would scoff, and call it menial Let them, if they will.

"I don't do menial tasks," said the clerk with an offended laugh.

Yet how could I ask her to perform so menial a task as to bail the boat?

But Wardo, on his special mission, was exempt from menial tasks.

No one noticed him; he was just another Sixer going to his menial job.

He gave dignity to the most menial service, and significance to labor.