Servile [adjective]

Definition of Servile:

grovelling, subservient

Synonyms of Servile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Servile:

Sentence/Example of Servile:

My brother was servile; he has attached himself to the retinue of a wealthy Baroness.

Base hearts it only hardens, making those who were mean and servile, mean and proud.

Art so followed is the most servile indolence in which life can be wasted.

The servile spouters in the land are as plenty as summer flies.

Now both these are branches of the servile or ministerial art.

Yet though he sat at their feet, it was as no servile disciple.

Aught else than servile obedience in accomplishing the mandates of those in power?

The submission appears to have been abject and servile in the extreme.

For the purpose of deceiving "Slim" he must keep a mask of servile fear on his face.

Tunis as much as Algiers was the object of the servile dread of Europe.