Sycophantic [adjective]

Definition of Sycophantic:

fawning, servile

Synonyms of Sycophantic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sycophantic:

Sentence/Example of Sycophantic:

His age may have been fifty; his air was mean and sycophantic.

Fifanti's mean, sycophantic air fell away from him as by magic.

If he was at all sycophantic, it was his will rather than his nature to be so.

The Manager smiled the sycophantic smile of one who worships Mammon.

It is not pity—whining, sycophantic pity—alone that will do them good.

The world, with its sycophantic smile, now flatters, where it once frowned.

That was said not vainly or presumptuously, but in reproof of sycophantic courtiers.

Guests, sycophantic people of all sorts were taken to consider it.

Sycophantic he might have been, but he was neither ungrateful nor vindictive.

If there was a drop of sycophantic blood in his veins, he had yet to reveal it.