Crawling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crawling:

And since he was a very fast runner—for short distances—he met Grandfather Mole just as the old chap was crawling up the bank.

While searching the field Lawrence noticed some white object crawling along like a large reptile.

The Comet was not far away, and Matt got on his knees and began crawling toward it.

Crawling down from the street above, on one side only, and clinging to the upper houses, was the advance guard of the fog.

Like a hurt animal, half crawling, knowing only the base instinct of self preservation, he tried for that delivery alleyway.

I saw the trunk curling back and creeping up to me like a python crawling up a hillside to coil around its prey.

Paula screamed and he stumbled over a child, a girl about five, crawling on her hands and knees.

I nearly suffocated in crawling by the opening between our cabin and the Granville cabin, for I scarcely ventured to breathe.

What lady would chose to sleep in a bed, up the pillars of which serpents were crawling?

I had wore the ground a good deal crawling out of the hole and dragging out so many things.