Flattering [adjective]

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In the years since, he has become the go-to designer for some of the most prominent women in the world, thanks to his career-long commitment to designing clothes that flatter all women, regardless of size or background.

A flatter script could have easily made Kylie the hard-edged instigator of most of the conflict between her and her mother, but O’Reilly always lets us see how much Kylie cares about her family beneath her ongoing frustration with her confinement.

At a time when other Paris labels were obsessed with flattering the female form, Cardin’s designs cast the wearer as a sort of glorified hanger, there to showcase the clothes’ sharp shapes and graphic patterns.

I mean the notion that the artist’s job is not to entertain the audience or flatter its beliefs, not to praise the lord, the group, or the sports drink, but to speak a new truth.

Mrs. Kaye's expressive eyes, which had dwelt on Isabel with flattering attention, fell to the tip of her cigarette.

Naturally, the picture was not perfect, but it well merited the flattering reception which it received.

I was flattering myself that the puppy was choosing my company to the hunt, for I always value the approval of a dog.

She, of course, was received with the most flattering attention, and great deference was paid to her opinions.

This was very flattering to those ladies, especially the Diplomast, considering the great odds they had to contend with.

He corresponded on flattering terms with Charlemagne, and fixed a seal to his charters.