Ignoble [adjective]

Definition of Ignoble:

lowly, unworthy

Synonyms of Ignoble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignoble:

Sentence/Example of Ignoble:

Noble ambition—worthy of a less ignoble cause—a better fate!

Why did she not insist on informing her husband at least of her cousin's lapse, of her ignoble stratagem?

He watches the budding of evil instincts, the ignoble habits idly acquired in degradation.

As there are many Corsican policemen on the Continent they use this euphemism to designate the ignoble calling they follow.

“Fine writing,” the subjection of noble words to ignoble service, is to be avoided.

The ignoble action of the English government brought Mazzini into English political life.

He kept to the same ignoble counsel that had so wrought disrepute for Mr. Croker.

How therefore, and avoid laughter, may one wax stately in any telling of its ignoble details?

Adventure was not dead out of the land, it seemed, although this was a rather sordid and ignoble brand.

They have to pull and haul with the marines, and to clean the decks, and to do various ignoble duties below.