Plebeian [adjective]

Definition of Plebeian:

base, lower-class

Synonyms of Plebeian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plebeian:

Sentence/Example of Plebeian:

He's a plebeian from his thick shoe soles to his thin hair; but he's honest.

Well; there is nothing like being a plebeian and a Prime Minister!

Just this: you'll have to fight; and if you were a 'Gemeiner'—a plebeian—you'd get off.

I believe he was shocked by my plebeian abruptness but he was too polite to show it.

He was a German plebeian, with no chance ever to improve his condition.

If he had not the air of a thoroughbred, he had none of the plebeian clumsiness of the cart-horse.

"Patrician and plebeian must stand or fall together, my Marcia," he said quietly.

The Plebeian order was composed of the lowest class of freemen.

She was fresh and pretty-looking, but of plebeian figure and countenance.

Her plebeian, insolent little round face so kindly in repose.