Popular [adjective]

Definition of Popular:

well-known, favorite

Opposite/Antonyms of Popular:

Sentence/Example of Popular:

He acquired a general knowledge of the ebb and flow of popular stocks.

I wouldn't attempt to be, I am not clever or popular enough.

There is one stream which I dread my inability to stem—it is the tide of Popular Opinion.

The former is engaged in commerce and the latter is the popular member for Leeds.

It is said that Mr. Gladstone, now for the first time, became a popular hero.

In Mr. Chamberlain they had a popular champion of great ability and industry.

And yet, in popular phraseology, I had "served" God all my life.

However, it is popular because of its unique and delicate flavor.

The most popular form in which it is served is probably in pie.

Yet observe what pitfalls beset the path of the popular fictionist.