Lovable [adjective]

Definition of Lovable:

very likable; endearing

Synonyms of Lovable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lovable:

Sentence/Example of Lovable:

He doesn’t sound all that lovable to Miss Manners, but then, she is not his parent.

Like many of my generation, I came to love Leachman as Phyllis, the bonkers, exasperating, but lovable, and in her way, loving friend on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

He wants to transform from street rat to lovable bunny rabbit.

At the end of the book — half-century-old spoiler alert — there is only himself, “lovable, furry old Grover,” a blue monster feeling sheepish about being scared.

Altogether an odd and difficult character, but with a generosity and high courage that made her very lovable.

She is one of those lovable little creatures that every body spoils!

Hadria had become more and more attached to the child, whose lovable qualities developed with her growth.

The elder Macintyre seemed to Thyrsis the most nave and lovable old soul he had encountered in many a year.

Truly, I think no man ever had a more lovable child, or a more grateful and appreciative one.

But who could describe that wondrous blending of loving strength and lovable weakness of a true woman's character?