Engaging [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Engaging:

Your newsletter isn’t going to be very engaging if it’s just a roundup of the last five articles you’ve published.

Brands should aim to deliver an experience that tells a consistent story and is targeted to their Amazon customer, leveraging Amazon’s data tools and insights to help craft efficient messages, share appropriate photos, and create engaging campaigns.

The marketing landscape is ever-developing due to the arrival of more intricate and engaging technology.

Your appraisal will help direct you on the best times to post the most engaging content type and form and what your limitations are.

Write content that is helpful, educational, and engaging, and optimize from there.

The creators have to balance accuracy and an engaging story.

Learning works best when it’s a social and engaging activity, he says.

When she did this, and drooped the corners of her mouth, she was very engaging, and the young man tingled all over with pity.

It represents an engaging personality, in which vivacity and sensibility are distinctly indicated.

But she was an exquisitely pretty and engaging little thing, a grand little pal, and worth cultivating.