Entrancing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Entrancing:

The first sculpture I saw, after a five- or 10-minute hike through the woods, was one of three entrancing pieces by Haegue Yang, a South Korean artist who has fabricated upright, disc-like forms made from light gray, corrugated soapstone.

The dance these two perform with one another is entrancing and heady and a little mysterious—its steps not easily parsed but always captivating.

Never had the music sounded so entrancing; never had her own feet felt so light.

A large five-light stained glass window occupies the chancel end; but there is nothing very entrancing in its appearance.

Music filled the air with entrancing strains, wooing light feet to the giddy dance.

Pardon me, I kept you on the floor too long; but your step was so perfect, the music so entrancing, I forgot myself.

And suddenly Edward Henry recognized in her the entrancing creature of fifteen years ago!

We soon became exhausted and weary, so we left the entrancing scenes for another day.

The air that came in at the window was fresh and dewy, and laden with the most entrancing odors.

Singular, entrancing land, where spirit voices are heard in the night and the sky blazes up in bluish light.