Boring [adjective]

Definition of Boring:


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Sentence/Example of Boring:

You’ll find boring snaps, Frustration Solitaire and prohibited subwords.

Weismann also said he expects that retail will return and people will shop in-store again, but for brands that have a “boring store experience,” they will need to rethink that decision.

If not, then this is just a brief respite in the long, slow boring death of global macro.

Believe it or not, plain old boring jQuery is still a far more appropriate choice for most static sites than Gatsby.

In nearly every case, contraction swiftly produced a universe as boring as ours.

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On the other, it’s a sturdy, boring molecule that isn’t electrically, chemically, or optically active.

Outside experts say that whenever there’s a boring explanation, it’s usually right.

I mean, we always say at our center at Stanford, you can give us any boring, most procedural maths that you teach, and we will make it creative and visual for you.

Trevithick was equally ready with the application of steam-power either for pumping of water or for boring and removing rock.