Unvaried [adjective]

Definition of Unvaried:

all the same, remaining the same

Opposite/Antonyms of Unvaried:

Sentence/Example of Unvaried:

Simplicity and frankness are the unvaried character of the natives of the plain.

For a place of residence, I should suppose it might be a little dull, and unvaried.

"Nothing," answered Walter, with unvaried coolness and determination.

This latter part of his life was spent with unvaried regularity.

The unvaried grin baffled him, and presently he glanced elsewhere.

For the rest "there was but one unvaried tale of calamity and ruin."

But who says the English peasant is dull and unvaried in his character?

Dreary and monotonous as the landscape, the days, too, pass in unvaried succession.

All that followed was one unvaried scene of distraction, division and enmity.

Then it appeared from sea to sea one mass of unvaried rottenness and decay.