Platitudinous [adjective]

Definition of Platitudinous:


Opposite/Antonyms of Platitudinous:


Sentence/Example of Platitudinous:

These sentiments have to the modern ear a platitudinous ring.

This mild, platitudinous rebuke came when all the damage was done.

It was a period of the flat, stale, platitudinous, and bourgeois.

All this is so platitudinous that I feel ashamed to write it; but then, how can one avoid platitudes without avoiding truth?

Nevertheless Martin liked him better than the platitudinous bank cashier.

That statement isn't in reality as platitudinous as it seems at first thought.

He winced, but Joan rattled on with the platitudinous originality of youth.

The statement frequently heard that "human nature is human nature" is only a platitudinous half-truth.

He had a confused realization of platitudinous adieus, of a silly formality of speech, and he found himself in the hall.

Some of the old women were in white satin, with many jewels on their platitudinous bosoms.