Uninspired [adjective]

Definition of Uninspired:

dull, unoriginal

Synonyms of Uninspired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninspired:

Sentence/Example of Uninspired:

It foretells events which no uninspired man could have foreseen.

Now, we see from this that uninspired testimony to divine things has its use.

Then conversation languished, for Davies was silent and Mrs. Davies uninspired.

He planted her next to the steps, and she muttered an uninspired thank you.

Can those other uninspired visitors do it, or do they only happily imagine they do?

As to the sentimental parts of the Ode, frankly I find them uninspired.

There was something as bleak, as heavy, as uninspired in their aspect.

That the author was uninspired will be scarcely now questioned.

It was the ex-bank clerk, the young subaltern with the uninspired face.

One hero the less in this world of unheroic, uninspired persons!