Sterile [adjective]

Definition of Sterile:

unproductive, clean

Synonyms of Sterile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sterile:

Sentence/Example of Sterile:

It occasionally happens that the gills are sterile and remain white.

My hands were shaking as I took a sterile slide and pricked my finger.

But a volcanic eruption is sterile, the ruin of the fertile ground.

His blood flows through him, a muddy stream of sterile water.

In a few cases a sterile variety is described as the male and a fertile as the female.

His small farm was sterile, and yielded grudgingly its annual crops.

For example, though all our Finches can breed together, the hybrids are all sterile.

Berlin is situated in a sandy, sterile country; so to say, in a desert.

There was about an acre of land, rocky and sterile, attached to it.

And yet, thought the son, what an empty, sterile life it had been after all.